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lets multiple people share photos from the same event in the same gallery.

Today, everyone is a photographer, so it can be overwhelming to try to locate and view all the different photos on multiple websites from a single event. JaaVuu gives you an easy way to view all those photos in one place. With all the features you expect from a photo website, including, easy navigation, tagging, sharing, filtering, and privacy features.

Whether it's a wedding, club, birthday party, or simply a day at the beach, JaaVuu lets you see the photos you want, and share photos you want people to see.

In the future, JaaVuu will let people create their own branded site like MamboPics.com, which can contain their photos, photos of their events, photos of their performance group, or any combination of those. If you are interested in this for your own domain (or subdomain), please contact me.

Currently JaaVuu is in closed beta testing for uploading and importing photos. If you would like to participate, please contact me.

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